mardi 9 février 2016

10 ways to wear ankle boots and 13 tips to wearing them well

10 ways to wear ankle boots and 13 tips to wearing them well 

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It took me a while to get on board with the ankle boot (or bootie) trend, mostly because I felt like they made women’s feet look chunky, and cut off their legs right above the ankle, making their ankles look wide. Who knows what happened … maybe I just saw too many bloggers looking fabulous in them that I could no longer resist? I don’t know. But now I own four pairs and practically live in them. Also along the way, I’ve discovered a few ways to wear them so they are flattering and don’t make me look like I have fat ankles (thankyouverymuch).

There are so many fun ones out there: wedge, heel, flat, cut-out, laced, buckled, and the list could go on. And they’re so big for fall — you really should own a pair. Don’t be afraid!

Click through for 10 great ways to wear your booties, and a few tips to keep your legs looking slim and fabulous, even with a shoe that doesn’t inherently flatter.

And remember, you don’t need these exact pairs to create great outfits — use these outfits as inspiration to wear your ankle boots well, no matter what style they are!

more detail in the video :

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