lundi 15 février 2016

TOP 5 Nike Football Boots 2016

TOP 5 Nike Football Boots 2016 

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The 2015-16 football/soccer season is now well underway, and predictably Crystal Palace, er, Leicester and, um, Swansea are leading the way. That can't be right, surely? We'll come back and edit that in a few weeks' time.
If you're a player as well as a fan, you've no doubt strapped on your boots and are tucking into some good, early-season mud baths. But if you're finding your 10-year-old Umbros from JD Sports are making you look slow and unwieldy, we have the solution: the best football boots to buy in 2015, whether you're a midfield general, tricky winger, 'fox in the box' striker or artisan back-line clogger. We don't have anything for goalies, because they're all 'mad'.
The options here range from solid, mid-range boots to wild flights of footwear tech fancy. Don't forget to carefully choose between the various options that most of them offer with, for instance, variants for hard and soft ground.

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