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the top pictures for the most beautiful birds of the world

the top pictures for the most beautiful birds of the world 



I don't make any bones about it, I truly feel as though the purple martin is the most beautiful bird in the United States. Sure, as a bird watcher, I enjoy going outside seeing almost any bird. The beautiful chirping that many of them do does bring a smile to my face. But, in my area, when I see those martins come in during the spring, there is just something about it. Below are the two reasons why I believe the martin birds are prettier than others we have here in the United States.

1. The Way They Fly

The purple martin birds are unlike any other that I have ever seen. I would say if you had to pick a bird that was closest to the way the purple martin flies it would probably be a dove. Martin birds will fly sporadically throughout the sky. The reason for this is that they are attempting to capture flying insects such as mosquitoes. Particularly when they are nesting, you will find that many of them do this often even throughout the day if they have young nearby.

If the martins are flying high, what you will also often see them do is tuck their wings and fall to the ground like a bullet towards the birdhouse. Then just as they get close, they'll swoop inside. They almost make a 90 degree angle. They are an extremely agile bird.

2. Their Color

Obviously, the purple martin birds have a very unique color. When they are in the sunlight, they have a shiny and very visible dark purple to them. You get to see this color often as they perch on their purple martin houses or in trees nearby. These birds are very social with humans. This means that you can get pretty close and see your martins fairly well.

Their coloring is unlike any other bird I have ever seen. It is not like a parrot which has many different colors and their colors are what I call "flat color". This type of purple is shiny and glistens in the sunlight. At times they have been known to look black, but more times than not on a sunny day they will appear very purple.

If you are looking to attract these birds to your area and live in the eastern half of the United States. There is a good chance you can do that. All you really need is a well-built birdhouse and a good location for it. It really doesn't matter whether you live in town or not. I've seen some large colonies in the middle of towns before!

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