mardi 19 janvier 2016

Top Best Hijab Styles for 2015 2016 Style & Fashion

Top Best Hijab Styles for 2015 2016 Style & Fashion



Hijab plays an important role in Islam. In Islam, Women are more secured in a society. Islam gives  respect and honorable life for women. Hijab gives you an identification of Islam. Muslim women’s are different from other region women and should protect them from others by Hijab. With Hijab Women should feel safe and sound and easy. Hijab means covered the women body that wear on head. Firstly women wear shawls then after sometimes women wear gown but now a day’s most female’s wear Hijab and abaya’s according to fashion trends. Hijab protect women from men .In Pakistan, Most girls of college, universities, educated women and working women liked wear hijab and obeyed God. In Hijab, women are more comfort and feels freedom. Hijab wears girl’s looks more beautiful and show natural personality. In Modern Life, Hijab used as a Fashion, many girls wears as a fashion style

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